M-A Writing Center Zoom Sessions

how to get to the

m-a writing center zoom session


Before entering the Writing Center Zoom session, you must fill out a sign-in form.


Click on the button below to get to the form.


The M-A Writing Center is for M-A students only, so only authenticated seq.org users can enter the Zoom session.

Click on the button below to sign in to your seq.org Zoom account. 


You are now ready to enter the M-A Writing Center Zoom session!

Click on the button below to enter the M-A Writing Center Zoom session.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN the zoom session

Upon entering the Zoom session, the Host teacher will put you in an individual Breakout Room.

You will wait in your individual breakout room for a teacher to come and help. Please be patient, as they may be helping other students.


Please have the essay and assignment open and ready to share with the teacher who is helping you.

You will be helped in the order you arrived.

After you have been helped, you are welcome to stay in your breakout room to work.

Press the "Ask for Help" button if you need more help.

Menlo Atherton High School

555 Middlefield Road

Atherton, CA 94027